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Aggie, London, United Kingdom

A note from Aggie:

For a moment, try to picture yourself and your family living in the house without such a basic thing as floor. Do you realize what kind of consequences it would have for you and your loved ones? Probably not so much..
Did you know that thanks to the floor at our homes, we and our children can live a healthy life? Did you know that thanks to the floor you don’t wake up and go to sleep with a stomach pain and diarrhoea? Did you know that this floor gives your children a chance to live to see their 5th birthday and go to school? Did you know that this floor gives you and your family a chance to have a better household economy, decent life and a future?


There are so many other things that could be listed here and we don’t realize how lucky we are to have our homes with clean, and concrete floors. But these children in Bangladesh and their families know all these benefits, simply because they cannot experience them.


I have joined this campaign because I have tried to imagine their lives and struggles. I deeply believe that health is the most precious gift that anyone can get and that each of them deserves. So please join me in this campaign and let’s build together! Any small donation can bring us closer to giving these children a chance to have healthier lives and can allow you to be a part of this great initiative that can change so much!

Did you know that every 5 seconds, a child under the age of five dies from preventable causes?  Diseases like diarrhea are common all over the world — let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. But without adequate resources, like a clean and safe home, a common case of diarrhea can be fatal.

It is a heartbreaking reality. It is an enormous barrier to poverty reduction. The U.N. Millenium Development Report recently released the news that the Goal to Reduce Childhood Mortality by 2015 is struggling to meet its target achievements.

It is time to look to new solutions  simple solutions  that can save lives. Flooring projects, such as replacing dirt with concrete can reduce childhood diarrhea and parasites by nearly 50%.  Just by replacing the floor. And it only costs $500.

I know there are a lot of great charities out there. I’ve created my own fundraiser for ARCHIVE Global’s High Fives Campaign because I believe that a child’s home should support his or her growth and development, not undermine it. Preventing childhood death is as simple as replacing dirt floors with concrete floors. I hope you will join me by giving whatever amount you can. It doesn’t take much.

For every $500 raised a family in Bangladesh will receive a new concrete floor and a solid foundation for a healthy future. 


Thank you for your support and for helping give our children a healthy future!


Forbes recently named ARCHIVE Global “One of the Best Sustainability Ideas on the Planet.”
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